Wear It Right 

Guys, remember a tux is a formal garment. You don’t wear a tuxedo in the same way that you wear a pair of jeans or casual shorts. Pants were made to be worn just below your belly button. These are not jeans that can sit on your hips. Those pants also are not secured in place with a belt. There are adjusters for size on the sides of the pants. If you're looking to make sure they stay in place, the formal way to do so is to use your suspenders. Those go over the top of your shirt and under the vest. If you aren’t sure how your tux should be worn, we are here to help!

Prom Tuxedo Tips

Pick Up the Tux When it is ready

We recommend picking up your tux as soon as possible. Tuxes start arriving in the store as early as Tuesday of the event week. We will call you when your tux is ready, but you are more than welcome to call us to inquire. We suggest not waiting until Thursday or Friday, if possible, if your tux is ready sooner, because a wait can occur on those evenings. We do our best to get everyone in and out the door as quickly as possible. If there is a wait, we are good at estimating the amount of wait, in case you want to run for food or run an errand and come back.

Appointments recommended. 319.393.4298

Plan Ahead!

As soon as your date has selected a dress, go get your tux. Don't put it off to the last minute. If you want a special style or color, get it locked and loaded. All of the area proms are within a one month time frame, with many on the same weekend. Make tux arrangements / reservations as soon as possible for best selection.

Now, you know you look great!  

All that is left is to Be Smart, Be Safe and have a Fantastic time at Prom. 

Oh, and don't forget to send us pictures!

Consider What Your Date is Wearing

It isn’t a requirement to wear the same colors as your date, but your attire should at least make sense together. Many guys like to accessorize with the color of their date's dress. You can bring a picture of the dress or bring a dress swatch with you. If you will be attending prom with a group of friends, consider coordinating all your tuxedos for a fashionable look.

Make Arrangements to Bring It Back
Your tux ensemble is due back at our store by 5:00 pm the day after Prom.  We need that tux back so we can dry clean it, put it back in stock and get it ready for someone else next weekend.  Late returns are charged late fees of $20.00 per day.

Try It On
We require you try on your tux before you leave the store with it. Remember, the tux may need adjustments. We have a seamstress onsite to attend to these needs, as they arise. These adjustments are not a big deal, and take very little time for our experts. 

​Covid-19 Update: Thank you for your support of our business during this very difficult time. Please see our adjusted hours.