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With our own warehouse onsite, we offer a huge inventory of our own tuxedos, suits and accessory stock. Why does this matter?

We have found that with nearly half of all mailed-in, faxed-in or emailed sizes, some sort of correction is needed. Our well-stocked warehouse is able to make exchanges on the spot. With thousands of garments on hand, last minute orders or size changes are stress free for our customers.

We also are affiliated with sub-renters and dealers, which means we can also quickly and easily order styles that we may not have in our inventory. 

In contrast, all of our local competitors sub-rent all of their garments, meaning customers pick styles from a catalog, without the opportunity to see the garments beforehand. If the rental does not work at all when the customer picks it up for the event, there may not be time to reorder for exchange.

View our extensive collection of Tuxedos and Suits here.

At Prince Albert Tuxedos & Suits, we take the stress out of renting formal wear!

Our Own Formalwear Stocked Onsite